3D Animation is Surely Your Career if You have These Qualities

To have a successful career as 3D animator is not like any other profession or career, which can be achieved in just a few weeks, months or even years. It’s a career path that includes a enormous hard work and dedication. But if you love it then it will be fully worth it. You might be interested in making a career in character animation; but at times it can be really exasperating, mystifying and, above all, difficult. But it also is known as the most worthwhile art form, as you get to be the one to respire life into your imaginative characters and conveying your concepts to reality for others to enjoy. Nothing can hold you back if you have the desire for it. This article is all about the essential skills required to become a 3d Animator, as well as the steps to get you there successfully.

Role of a 3D Animator

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The main job of 3D Animators is to add life to lifeless 3D objects. Making the objects feel like they are alive is the main responsibility of an animator.

There is a big role to play for 3D animators from video games, movies, television to commercials. Some spectacular examples of 3D animation can be found some of the best-animated movies like “Toy Story”, “Shrek”, “Frozen” and many more. Those animated characters which look like a living person are just computer data, but you wouldn’t believe it when watching it. To anyone watching, they will look as if they are alive and not computer generated.

It’s the job of the animator to make the audience forget that the 3D objects or characters aren’t really actual.
Qualities Required to be a Successful 3D Animator

Creativity alone is not sufficient to land a job in the field of animation. If you have taken any formal training from an animation institute or a student looking for a job in this animation industry, then you should know certain skills and qualities which can help you land in your dream job. These qualities are: -

Drawing Skills
It is the foundation of your workmanship, the base of the entire animation sector. Your basic talent in the 2D drawing will be more than insufficient to understand how to animate but learning the 12 principles of animation, styles, and techniques will teach you how animation exactly works. It’s a plus when you have a good grasp of body movements and figures. Today numerous organizations look for animators who are versatile in drawing different styles.

Designing Skills
Animated objects cannot make a powerful impact on viewers without a striking design. As an animator, you should be skillful at combining colors to make your work realistic. Good understanding of your work’s composition aesthetics can help you do great angles for each scene and considerable poses for the animated characters.

Technical Skills
In 3D animation, it’s vital to have the technical skills. Unquestionably, the computer doesn’t create great animations automatically; it is the job of the animator. There are various applications available in the market. Even though a 3D application is a simple tool for you to animate with, you still need to learn how to use that tool. Joining a 3d animation institutes can help you achieve this and you can get hands-on experience on various applications like: -

Autodesk 3ds Max
Adobe After Effects
Autodesk Maya
Cinema 4D
The best way to learn these applications is by start learning a simple application first and then go to a more advanced application like Autodesk Maya.

Good Communication Skills
As an animator, you will require having good communication skills. If you are working in a team, communicating your concerns and ideas clearly to your peers is the key to success. For example, you might be working with a team of animators all tasked with the job of animating several sequences together. You’ll need to communicate effectively with peers on how each individual shot is going to translate to the next in order to make it come together and feel like it was an entire sequence animated by a single person.

Able to Work in a Team
Companies benefit significantly when animators work together as a team rather than working as an individual and share their opinions with their peers. Team efforts in the workplace lead to learning, which later causes enlightenment among team members. With teamwork, a group can also resolve conflict, something that firms seek for smooth workflow toward reaching a necessary work setting.

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Attention to Finer Details
Being attentive is the ultimate key to creating a piece that comes to life. To make your work realistic, you must be thorough on the various aspects of animation such as colors and movements. Mostly recruiters, hire 3D animators who have a keen attention to minute details which can be a big advantage later on at the time of working on real projects.

Role of Animation Institutes
There are numerous government and private institutes that provide animation courses with their main focus is on communication, animation design, latest industry trends and applications used in the animation industry. Various institutes follow different course curriculum offered to students for training them into becoming successful and skilled animators. The courses in computer animation generally include digital arts, 2D and 3D graphics, editing, visual effect and digital animation courses. In the end, students will make a portfolio which showcases their creativity as well as technical ability in various projects. Animation seems to be a daunting task at first, but joining a professional animation institute can help you develop a strong understanding of animation concepts and skills.

Having natural characteristics would not be sufficient if you actually want to excel in the field of 3D computer animation. The natural qualities are completely unusable if they are not combined with the technical skills needed for animation. If you want to render life to your creative ideas, you must use both the analytical, artistic and technical skills. It is important for you to have the perfect blend of software savvy and practical skills for thriving in the field of 3D animation.