College Students Can Make Money Selling on Micro Job Sites

So what are micro job sites?

These sites allow anyone to post jobs that typically cost under $20, but the most popular sites allow users to post jobs in the $5 to $10 range. Website-related services like SEO, article writing, link building, etc. are the most posted jobs, but basically any job (except for adult, illegal and gambling related jobs) goes and can turn into a best selling job! That’s one of the main attractors of these sites; it’s nearly impossible to tell which job will strike accord with the buyers that frequent these sites. The key is value and quality; if you’re posting jobs that offer a quality service that will save the buyer time, you will sell jobs!

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Why should college students post jobs on micro job sites?

There are several reasons why college students are perfect sellers on micro job sites and can therefore make money, but the big ones are their skills, ability to work when you can, being tech savvy and their ability to pick up things and learn quickly.

College Students Have Skills!

College students typically have many areas of expertise and have skills that most of the population doesn’t have. Moreover, every individual has a unique skill set and all of this can be used to create jobs and fulfill orders in a way to actually make them a decent hourly wage. The more unique and different a job is, the more views it will get and in turn, will sell more. By having multiple skills at your disposal, you can bundle them together and create some ingenious jobs that people will want to buy at a low price. The trick then is to figure out a way to offer something unique in a relatively quick fashion. That’s up to every individual to figure out!

Selling on a Micro Job Site offers Time Flexibility

College students typically have ever-changing schedules and selling jobs on micro job sites allow them to work when they can and fulfill orders for their services when they come in. This way, they can work an hour at a time when they have free time instead of needing a multiple hour long block of time to “punch in” to make money.

College Students have grown up with Technology

Because college students have grown up with technology, many of the types of jobs that sell frequently on micro job sites are either second hat to them or can be picked up quickly and leveraged to make money. One of the reasons micro job sites have remained popular is because the buyers would rather pay someone who already knows how to do something a bit of money than have to learn how to do it and then actually do it. Having a wide-based skill set allows you to post more high quality jobs in a variety of areas and you’ll sell more than someone with 1 job related to 1 specialty.

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If you’re a college student and you’re looking to make money online in the free time that you have, consider posting jobs to micro job sites. You can sell jobs based on the knowledge you have right now and based on the skills you possess!

I currently write for the Tenrr Blog and you can find a much more in depth article about online jobs for college students in terms of selling on micro job sites to make money there.

Tenrr is a free micro job site, which allows college students to earn even more money than on other similar sites because no commission is taken from their successful sales.

How Communication Skills Play an Important Role in Career Building?


In today’s world, effective communication is much required for a successful career and to advance in one’s career. It is an essential element for a successful business. Being an effective/good communicator can help you land your new job, help in career advancement and ensure a secure future. Such is the power of communication!

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It is the heart of every organization. Good reading, writing, and speaking skills are quite important to accomplish tasks and achieve goals.

is not only about mitigating conflicts, but it also acts as an essential factor in career advancement, employee engagement, profitability, client relationships etc.

What is the importance of good communication skills?

Be it at the workplace or a social gathering. Good communication is important everywhere. Communication has the great potential to make or break a business. Communication plays a very crucial role in our daily lives. Some people are excellent communicators, naturally, but for some trying to articulate their thoughts and feelings through speech can be difficult.

For instance, a well-crafted email or speech can help you avoid potential pitfalls, problems and scale up your reputation. On the contrary, failing to communicate efficiently and effectively can cost you your dream job or prevent you from advancing in your career.

Communication is one of the most sought after skills across various industries. It is no surprise that jobs requiring advanced communication skills often pay more. Improving these skills help increase productivity and recognition in a workplace, community or industry.

Successful communication skills are important to
Crack a job interview

Land a new job

To do the job productively

To advance in your career

Knowing how to listen attentively is crucial for effective communication. Effective communication involves listening, open-mindedness and empathy for what you hear. Confidence, willingness to listen, friendly demeanour and quality non-verbal communication will help you shine as an excellent communicator.

The four types of communication are:
Written: The act of writing to convey information

Verbal: Used to transfer knowledge through speaking

Non-verbal: Refers to body language, gestures to convey information

Visual: Involves using graphs pictures, art, graphics to send information

Benefits of excellent communication skills:

Effective communication is quite necessary to be successful in today’s competitive corporate world. Candidates who possess excellent communication skills are highly sought after by reputed organizations and are significantly rewarded for their performance.

Reliable and robust communication is the ultimate skillset that is required to be successful. Mentioned below are some of the top benefits of having excellent communication skills.

1. Land your dream job

Good verbal skills can help you crack your interview and land your dream job. Being able to express all your knowledge either in written or spoken form goes a long way in the job application process. With solid communication skills, you’ll be able to clearly showcase your expertise and sell yourself effectively during an interview.

2. Be clearly understood by others

Good communicators can convey their opinions and ideas clearly in ways that make sense to most people. They will be able to handle tricky situations in constructive ways and provide useful feedback to help their co-workers.

3. It increases productivity

Workplace conflicts can be easily dealt with and resolved with effective communication. When the role and responsibilities of the employees are communicated properly, workplace issues and distractions are minimized, thus contributing to increased productivity.

4. It helps in building trust

The ability to listen carefully, embrace and understand the opinions of other people can help gain their trust in the workplace. This trust will undoubtedly expand to the higher authorities, thus helping in fostering trust with them.

5. Captivate the listener

Strong speaking skills is one of the ways to capture the attention of the listener. Different styles of communication are required for different scenarios. People with effective communication skills can understand the audience and communicate in the most effective manner to each one of them.

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Excellent communication plays a vital role in nurturing your work experience and enhancing other skills. Our way of communication directly impacts how others view us both personally and professionally. If you are a positive, informative and proactive person with exceptional skills you can win the hearts of your audience.

Thus, effective communication skills are required for career building and understand the huge impact it can have on your career progression and relationships.

Pdms Training Paves The Way For A Successful Career in The Plant Design Field

The Plant Design Management System, usually known as PDMS, is a software developed by Aveva Inc. PDMS is today one of the most popular, most preferred, and most reliable software used in the engineering, design, and construction projects of various sorts. PDMS is primarily employed for creating the 3D computer models of large plants with great precision and attention to detail. The use of this sophisticated software is nowadays very popular in the onshore and offshore oil, gas, and petrochemical industries around the globe as it is capable of designing and modeling a plant with utmost accuracy. It is extensively used in designing power plants, chemical and process plants, and water treatment plants.

The key benefits offered by the PDMS can be listed as below:

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It enables the professionals to see the actual model of the plant with accurate dimensions.
It saves up to 30% material costs in comparison to the manual calculation method.
Pipe clashes, fitting problems, lack of space, and other such hurdles in the way of effective plant design can be removed through PDMS.
It provides a higher degree of accuracy compared to the 2D software.
PDMS helps in calculating the exact quantity of materials to be used in the plant, to avoid the order of any extra quantities and the resultant wastage; it can generate material take off reports as well.
Through PDMS, we can automatically run the isometric drawings of the pipes for fabrication purpose.
It is quite convenient to make modifications to the plant designs created on PDMS software.
The hanger and support module of the PDMS makes it easy to create support for piping.
Besides the above mentioned key benefits, there are several other benefits of using the PDMS software for plant design. This is the reason that there is a widespread demand for competent PDMS professionals in the industries such as petroleum and petrochemicals, oil and gas, energy generation, water treatment, and others. The salaries are quite impressive for the knowledgeable candidates in the PDMS domain.

The working professionals and full-time students looking for a successful career in the plant design field should opt for PDMS Online Training. This PDMS training is very effective and offers unmatched flexibility to the learners in terms of deciding their own time, place, and pace of learning. The learners also get access to the online resources such as a virtual classroom, online chat support, webinars, on-demand mock tests, practice assignments, and instant performance analysis, among others.

Multisoft Virtual Academy is an established online training organization that offers professional training courses and certification courses in various domains. The curriculum of their courses is designed by industry experts and the 360° learning approach employed by them provides an enriching learning experience to the learners.