Hire Freelancers Online – Effective ‘How-to’ Tips

Do you own a start-up and you’re looking for skilled people who can help you scale up your business cost-effectively, competitively and conveniently? The same mantra goes for established companies who intend to outsource some of their departments to freelance services – and even local freelancers. You can also hire freelancers online if you’re looking to augment your team with someone who’s as skilled and productive as your team.

While options abound, knowing what exactly you’re looking for in an online freelance marketplace can greatly enable you to find the right fit for your business. Thankfully, as freelance marketplaces expand speedily, some have emerged to be more specialized and customized to your needs. For example, contrary to what many freelance websites offer in terms of freelance projects, a location-based freelance marketplace such as efii has proved to be valuable to employers and freelancers who’re seeking business opportunities locally.

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With efii, you don’t just hire freelancers online, but also you can find specialized services, which may be difficult – if not impossible – to find in your local area. Services such as ‘college math tutors near me’ or ‘art classes near me’ can be easier to find in an online freelance marketplace such as efii. When you hit your search button on your browser, search engines can return lots of irrelevant web pages, which can overwhelm and confuse you. efii saves you from such inconveniences and frustrations.

This brief guide provides you with tips on how you can hire freelancers online. Let’s dig in!

Decide Why You Require Freelance Services and What Freelance Services You Need

Firstly, and most importantly, it should be crystal clear what freelance services you need. In addition, you should know exactly what you’re looking for in terms of deliverables, payment schedules and timelines.

Knowing the details of online freelance projects you require freelancers to accomplish for you would enable you to map out exactly what skills you’re looking for when you hire freelancers online. Furthermore, be sure to tailor your projects to your goals and expectations to avoid time wastage.

Be specific about what tasks, systems and documents, and people – team members and clients – you can comfortably share with your freelancers. All-in-all, you must be clear about how you’re going to coordinate your project and freelancers toward the deliverables.

Create a Compelling Job Post That Should Attract Only the Best

The competition for the best freelancers in the top freelance websites is high. For you to stay ahead of the competition and attract only the top freelancers, you must write a job post that’d turn the best freelancers away from your competitors. Be sure to write an eye-catching title and include relevant details regarding the project – expertise, tools, programs and so forth.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself, your business and your objectives when addressing freelancers. Furthermore, ensure that you address the important questions concerning the project. Give the freelancer an opportunity to contribute their opinion and thoughts about the project. Be as detailed as possible and dictate the terms of the project – short-term, long-term, hourly, fixed-price and so on. State clearly the relevant skills and experience the project requires.

Check Whether the Freelancer has Relevant Skills and Experience

The best way to do this is to study freelancer’s portfolio on the freelance website. Specifically, look for records of past work, client reviews, client testimonials, certifications, accolades, associated participation, test score, badges and other relevant indicators of performance. Freelance websites have a way of rating their freelancers – check out who’ve the best ratings and be familiar with what rating system a freelance online marketplace uses to rate their freelancers.

Set Clear Deadlines and Payment Schedules

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It’s a good to know the availability of your freelancer – whether they’re working on multiple projects simultaneously. Then, you can set deadlines based on freelancer’s availability. This is important, because it determines whether the freelancer can proceed with your project or not.

If you’re not sure about the scale of the project and deadlines, you can seek the help of the freelancer. This would also determine how much you’re going to pay your freelancer depending on the complexity and size of the project. Ensure that you harmonize what you’re willing to pay for a project with the scale to avoid underpaying or overpaying a freelancer.

How Communication Skills Play an Important Role in Career Building?


In today’s world, effective communication is much required for a successful career and to advance in one’s career. It is an essential element for a successful business. Being an effective/good communicator can help you land your new job, help in career advancement and ensure a secure future. Such is the power of communication!

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It is the heart of every organization. Good reading, writing, and speaking skills are quite important to accomplish tasks and achieve goals.

is not only about mitigating conflicts, but it also acts as an essential factor in career advancement, employee engagement, profitability, client relationships etc.

What is the importance of good communication skills?

Be it at the workplace or a social gathering. Good communication is important everywhere. Communication has the great potential to make or break a business. Communication plays a very crucial role in our daily lives. Some people are excellent communicators, naturally, but for some trying to articulate their thoughts and feelings through speech can be difficult.

For instance, a well-crafted email or speech can help you avoid potential pitfalls, problems and scale up your reputation. On the contrary, failing to communicate efficiently and effectively can cost you your dream job or prevent you from advancing in your career.

Communication is one of the most sought after skills across various industries. It is no surprise that jobs requiring advanced communication skills often pay more. Improving these skills help increase productivity and recognition in a workplace, community or industry.

Successful communication skills are important to
Crack a job interview

Land a new job

To do the job productively

To advance in your career

Knowing how to listen attentively is crucial for effective communication. Effective communication involves listening, open-mindedness and empathy for what you hear. Confidence, willingness to listen, friendly demeanour and quality non-verbal communication will help you shine as an excellent communicator.

The four types of communication are:
Written: The act of writing to convey information

Verbal: Used to transfer knowledge through speaking

Non-verbal: Refers to body language, gestures to convey information

Visual: Involves using graphs pictures, art, graphics to send information

Benefits of excellent communication skills:

Effective communication is quite necessary to be successful in today’s competitive corporate world. Candidates who possess excellent communication skills are highly sought after by reputed organizations and are significantly rewarded for their performance.

Reliable and robust communication is the ultimate skillset that is required to be successful. Mentioned below are some of the top benefits of having excellent communication skills.

1. Land your dream job

Good verbal skills can help you crack your interview and land your dream job. Being able to express all your knowledge either in written or spoken form goes a long way in the job application process. With solid communication skills, you’ll be able to clearly showcase your expertise and sell yourself effectively during an interview.

2. Be clearly understood by others

Good communicators can convey their opinions and ideas clearly in ways that make sense to most people. They will be able to handle tricky situations in constructive ways and provide useful feedback to help their co-workers.

3. It increases productivity

Workplace conflicts can be easily dealt with and resolved with effective communication. When the role and responsibilities of the employees are communicated properly, workplace issues and distractions are minimized, thus contributing to increased productivity.

4. It helps in building trust

The ability to listen carefully, embrace and understand the opinions of other people can help gain their trust in the workplace. This trust will undoubtedly expand to the higher authorities, thus helping in fostering trust with them.

5. Captivate the listener

Strong speaking skills is one of the ways to capture the attention of the listener. Different styles of communication are required for different scenarios. People with effective communication skills can understand the audience and communicate in the most effective manner to each one of them.

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Excellent communication plays a vital role in nurturing your work experience and enhancing other skills. Our way of communication directly impacts how others view us both personally and professionally. If you are a positive, informative and proactive person with exceptional skills you can win the hearts of your audience.

Thus, effective communication skills are required for career building and understand the huge impact it can have on your career progression and relationships.

Why Computer And It Recycling Is Important?

Information Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Every one of us depends heavily on the usage of computers and smartphones. The useful life span of devices being utilized is decreasing day by day. This is because of the intense competition among big players in the market. They are trying to beat their rivals by introducing newer version of their famous gadgets. Due to this, consumers are trying to grab the newly launched cell phones every year. As a result, they have to get rid of their old smart phone in the process. Pertaining to all this, the importance of computer and sooper article code IT recycling increases to a great extent.

In the meantime, e-waste or electronic left-over is being accumulated in households and in market in general. Here comes the million dollar question that what should we be doing with this technological excess? Companies of larger scale have to take a proactive initiative in this regard. They have to set up computer and IT disposal plants to save nature from hazards of these old devices. Large organizations like IT recycling London, computer recycling London and IT recycle London are working for responsible destruction of e-waste.

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Following is the brief description of the importance of IT and computer recycling :

Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility

Big tech firms and other Multi-National companies have majority of the stake in producing electronic waste worldwide. They are the ones who have to rely heavily on usage of automated devices like super computers and tablets. As the electronics industry is growing at rapid pace, life-cycle of e-products is becoming shorter and shorter. Due to this, e-waste production is happening with increased acceleration.

This calls for a proactive action by larger firms to invest in IT and computer disposals services. It will show that the company is looking out for the best interests of the community. By fulfilling corporate social responsibility, organizations can build their good reputation in the market. It will also demonstrate that the firm is highly committed tosustainable business practices.

Ensuring Data Security

Every organization no matter how small or big has to save its sensitive information from security breaches. During the time of disposing of older computers and hard drives, their data could fall into wrong hands. To avoid this disaster, companies have to develop a secure computer recycling process. In this way, the destruction of all the facts and figures occurs, once and for all. If devising a robust IT recycle techniques, one can always consult third party IT recycling services.

Recovering some part of Cost of Original Purchase

IT firms of large size have to invest a great amount of dollars into buying the latest IT equipment. Some good computer recycling services are able to save you some part of cost incurred during original purchase of devices. This happens through a process called refunding where they sell some parts of gadgets due to their resale value.

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Obtaining serviceable Raw Materials

Electronic waste holds a considerable amount of gold particles in it. According to a recent study, only 10 to 15 percent of the gold gets recover from e-waste all over the globe. Moreover, the electrical leftovers also contain 40 to 50 times richer amount of precious metals than obtained from mining process.

So, to conclude, IT and computer recycling is the need of the hour. The pace e-waste is creating, it is becoming impossible to conserve nature without properly disposing of electronic left-over.